Belief System

“None can motivate you but YOURSELF!”
These are the words of a self-made woman Dr. Vijayam Ravi.

Stepping out of the small village of Kolazhy, in Thrissur, Kerala, she carried her companions like sincerity, perseverance and commitment along to transform the world of education. Inspired by her grandfather, who was a teacher and highly respected, she started teaching at the age of 22. Driven by the vision of doing better for the field, Dr. Vijayam Ravi then commenced her boundless trip of acquiring knowledge.

In this pursuit she has continued being a student, learning from her experiences and making observations. She believes education makes a person discover himself, thus, the role of a ‘Teacher’ is vital in sculpting the future of the children. One sees the twinkle in her eyes as she says, ‘I love children!’ Having played varied roles as Teacher, Head of Department, Principal, Administrator, Director, Chairman & Trustee for 34 years, Dr. Vijayam Ravi felt that the lacuna in growth of education is born out of inadequate leadership and lack of good governance; which led her to study the subject of ‘Leadership’ in depth and even acquiring a Ph.D in the subject. She strongly believes in walking behind her people & guiding them to grow, rather than making people follow; thus preaches, "A great leader walks behind the people".  She consistently has been following the mantra of humility and unremitting devotion, together forming a ladder to progress!

Today, she considers education as chaste as a religion, and wishes to propagate it as an Educational Evangelist. Above all, she emphasizes on being a good human being with the qualities of love, truth and tolerance; thus says, “Think BIG… live SIMPLE”.