Institution Based


Institute assessment & evaluation

With her able guidance, Dr. Vijayam led a group of academicians for thoroughly assessing & evaluating the institutes. She has developed the self-correcting systems for staff assessment, which have proven to be cost effective & easy to administer. Such an assessment leads the school management to take various decisions regarding quality, improvement and managing the school systems.


Corrective and Preventive system for schools

A tool that helps the school to correct and prevent wrong actions is in the anvil and getting ready for use shortly. Dr. Vijayam Ravi has developed a simple technique to help educational institutes to analyze & track their performance. The benefit is that any school can adapt this – be it a start-up or an established one.


Academic Excellence Index Formula (AEI formula)

Each school has its own academic excellence and there is no mathematical way to decide the standards of schools. Such a mathematical concept would be objective and rule out all subjectivity. Dr Ravi is in the process of creating such a system by which the system would serve as a self-correction tool for school managements and also a decision maker index for parents while choosing a school. This is of greater implications to governments and school boards as part of their school assessments.