Dr. Vijayam Ravi chaired a group of educationists from Higher education across India, to suggest the Government various Reforms in School education; (HEF is a voluntary group of about 3500 individual faculty members & people associated with any form of higher education in India.)

She has been diligently involved in various researches for educational institutes as a part of their assessment and accreditation. Dr. Vijayam has been a part of the Panel of Higher education that created a ‘Code of Ethics’ for staff in higher educational institutes.
She mobilized the parental support for various innovative learning programs with her eminent leadership.

She rightly formulated a resource team comprising of practicing doctors, occupational therapists, speech specialists, pediatricians, psychologists and teachers. The group was oriented to take care of the children’s issues of learning difficulties- especially the students with autism, cerebral palsy & extremely affected dyslexic and dyscalculia children.

Dr. Ravi has addressed many issues pertaining to the management on different forums of eminent people including vice chancellors on topics of RTE, foreign educational policies in India and FDI in education governance, formation of Trusts, School starting, etc.

Dr. Ravi has been responsible in creating the Raymond Rehabilitation Centre, Thane under the able guidance of Dr. Vijaypat Singhania. This RRC deals with the vocational training for socially and economically disadvantaged children and engages them as useful citizens of the society. She was involved with the same for almost 5 years.