Curriculum Based


Curriculum Development

Dr. Ravi’s journey into curriculum building started by the creation of a ‘Single Text book’ concept way back in 2002 while she was heading the Singhania School. It received many accolades from parents and revamped the entire concept of teaching and teachers.

While heading the consultancy, Dr. Vijayam Ravi has effectively worked on a global curriculum based on the theory of ‘Constructivism’ with the help of educationists.

The theory is based on multiple intelligence encompassing the needs of the subject, students and socio – economical, ethical & environmental areas of the society. Such that, all these put together contribute to transform every individual as a leader.

Her confidence in emphasizing on the ‘process of learning’ than mere ‘accumulation of knowledge’, made her play an instrumental role in developing the holistic curriculum for schools. This curriculum developed about 10 major competencies for the 21st century students and created suitable strands, which run through the syllabus across the classes.

With her special emphasis on leadership, she has constantly upgraded the curriculum by conducting frequent training, evaluation & assessment sessions for the staff & students. Currently she is engaged in curriculum development for schools and also refining of already developed curricula.


An innovative Curriculum is in progress!

Dr. Vijayam Ravi has currently drafted a conceptual note on a curriculum model that is dwelling totally on removing the gaps in the current system of School education. It is globally applicable by virtue of the totality that it brings to the overall development of the students through a single text-book. It is a curriculum that has its usual psychological approach; what makes it different is a phenomenological approach wherein the aspects of learning and the processes that take place after learning are also included. It also encompasses a comprehensive learning creating inquisitiveness among children, making them ask those ‘big questions’. This new curriculum draws from the experiences of a teacher; technology being one of the most important tools of the same.