Administration Based


Policy Manuals for Schools

Every single activity of the school leads to creating a framework of policies and the school management always has a tough time since many of them are not defined. The School Policy Manual by Dr. Vijayam Ravi will help the institutes in several ways. It is a standard operating procedure for schools with well-defined policies for them to function smoothly.


Strategies/ Steps to implement Vision and Mission of Schools

All schools would have a great vision, but many of them find it difficult to define a way by which that can be realized on a day-to-day basis. This concept by Dr. Vijayam Ravi illustrates the strategies of getting the vision into classrooms.


Defining KPI and KRA for teaching staff

Dr Ravi brings corporate excellence standards to schools through this scale. Teachers usually are expected to produce good results. But today teachers have more than a single role to play. The Key Performance areas and Key Performance Indicators by Dr. Vijayam Ravi serve as a tool for performance appraisal of teaching and admin staff in a school.